Have you ever considered using electrolysis treatment in removing unwanted hair? This kind of treatment has been gathering wide support from men and women.

Everyone wants attractive, healthy looking, radiant skin without the embarrassment of unwanted hair. AT THE ROOT's personal goal is to help you look the best you possibly can be, and where we pride ourselves on our professional service with a personal touch.

Electrolysis is a more guaranteed form of hair removal than that of laser hair removal and works on dark AND light hair.

Facilitating the Peterborough and Lakefield area, AT THE ROOT offers Electrolysis Hair Removal service in a convenient and comfortable environment.
Certified in Cleo's Choice Body Sugaring

Cleo's choice is one of the least painful methods of hair removal. It feels like a bandage being removed. After the first sugaring session, the pain is essentially non-existent.

Unlike waxing, Body sugar is 100% natural (you could eat it), is applied warm or cold, removed in the direction of the hair growth thereby causing less breakage to the hair, and can go over and over areas to remove even stubborn hair.
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